Monday, September 27, 2010

The Stool and the Throne

My weekend was spoiled by Gastro or something like it.  On Saturday I ranked around seven on the Bristol Stool Scale.  My current output is somewhere between a six and a four.  How is yours?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pokémon Apokélypse - Live Action Pokemon Movie

I could see something like this actually happening, sadly. Good job
Ki-Voltage Productions!

Vivo Barefoot Shoes - One Year Later

About one year ago I read an interesting article here that discusses what we might be doing to our health by wearing traditional shoes.  I decided to purchase and try a pair of Vivo Barefoot from Terra Plana.  My first impression of them was that they appeared to be a bit rough for the money; but I knew I was paying for a gimmick from the get-go.

They come with what I deemed rather nice insoles, which I found rather odd:  wasn't the thinness of the sole a prime selling point?  I took these insoles out and have never used them.  Wearing the shoes is an experience; I have mostly worn boots all of my life and enjoyed feeling the shape that which I was walking upon.  I was reminded of Terry Pratchett's Discworld character Sam Vimes and how he feels his way through the streets via much less expensive cardboard soles.  The novelty here probably warrants a buy in itself.
I think I recall some minor pain in the transition of boots to these shoes, years of walking improperly left me with a rather unhealthy gait: it was not long before these allowed me to correct much of it.  Walking on hard pavement will probably be uncomfortable for you initially if you are used to a heel-toe step.

The leather of these shoes is vegetable tanned, so they are not water-friendly.  I have had mine wet repeatedly and there is a bit of glue coming out along the front of the shoe.  For aesthetics-sake I will advise you to keep them dry - the glue "leak" has not meant that they come apart in any way.  After a year of almost constant use the soles are in good order and do not look like they will wear through any time soon - this was a concern when I first got the shoes but I can now imagine these lasting several years more.

All in all I consider them a good buy and a comfortable shoe.  I have even been considering getting myself a second pair.